Business Law

Business Law

MDS Legal handles a wide range of commercial law issues on behalf of its diversified client base.....[more]

Whether our client wants a contract for the purchase or sale of a business, advice on the best business structure for a new venture, help with a construction contract or an outline of how to set up a retirement village, we can do it.

We routinely give high level and accurate advice to our clients and prepare contracts and agreements to help them in their businesses.

However, we find that our clients are not just looking for technically correct legal advice.

They want that advice given against a background of the commercial realities.

To give advice against that background, the lawyer has to understand the commercial issues and have the experience and necessary breadth of knowledge. We understand those issues and have that experience and knowledge.

We also know that even giving technically correct, relevant and practical advice is not enough. It has to be given when our client wants it.

We understand the importance of timely help. After all, we run a business as well.

We know how frustrating it can be when promises are broken and help comes too late.

We also understand the importance of our service being cost effective.

Whenever we can, we will give quotes or cost estimates and will provide progressive costings so our clients have the answers to their problems within the budget that they have set.

We aim to give advice that is always accurate, practical, timely and cost effective.