Probate and Succession Law

Probate and Succession Law

The lawyers at MDS Legal have extensive experience in the drafting of wills and codicils, the administration of estates and legal representation with respect to intestacies and inheritance disputes......[more]

We routinely give high level advice to clients regarding these matters, in a compassionate and understanding way.

We take instructions in relation to the drafting of wills, testamentary trusts, enduring powers of attorney and other documents of a testamentary nature.

MDS Legal also obtains grants of probate and letters of administration on behalf of clients from the Supreme Court.

Executors and administrators involved with the administration of estates need advice and assistance that they can be assured is both expert and borne out of lengthy experience. The lawyers at MDS Legal have been providing that advice and assistance to our clients for many years.

Probate and succession matters frequently give rise to major litigation. MDS Legal has a history of providing expert and practical advice to persons bringing or defending such applications, including the contesting of wills and the making of applications by those who believe that they have been unfairly dealt with as beneficiaries.

We strive to negotiate effective settlements of these types of cases on our clients' behalf. However, when negotiated compromises are not possible, we have the necessary expertise to provide powerful and cost-effective representation in the Courts.