Property & Leasing

Property & Leasing

Since its inception MDS Legal has been well-known for its knowledge and expertise in providing advice and representation concerning property law......[more]

The assistance that we are able to provide our clients, whether businesses or individuals, in this area includes the preparation of contracts for the purchase or sale of land, advice on proposed contracts, help with the drawing up of leases and advice in connection with land transfers, development agreements and all forms of leases.

MDS Legal regularly provides high level advice on these matters to many of Western Australia's leading businesses and institutions including the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia.

We have assisted in the drafting of the General Conditions for the Sale of Land, the standard offer and acceptance contract used in Western Australia for the transfer of land, and many standard clauses used in property agreements. We have also advised on and drafted most of the documents used in the commercial property sector by real estate agents throughout Western Australia. We also have extensive experience in drafting and advising on auction contracts, tender contracts, mortgages, restrictive covenants, easements, default notices and termination notices.
MDS Legal provides a comprehensive service to assist our clients with property settlements of all types and descriptions.

Not only do we have a wealth of expertise with respect to the provision of this type of commercial advice and the drafting of contracts, we also have considerable expertise and experience in relation to property litigation.