Employment Law

Employment Law

Employment Law has become a complex area of the law in Australia, heavily regulated by State and Federal legislation.

Employers proceeding in business without competent legal advice run the risk of claims being made against them by both ex and current employees. Employers are also at risk of incurring penalties imposed by courts and commissions.

We are able to advise clients with respect to their employees' entitlements arising from contracts, the common law, statutes and statutory instruments such as awards and Australian pay and classification scales.

We also offer advice as to the best means of negotiating with employees and provide employers with appropriate contracts and agreements.

MDS Legal is able to represent employers at all levels of employment litigation, whether relating to claims concerning employee entitlements, termination of employment or the conduct of employees after employment has ceased.

Actions by ex-employees can cause substantial loss and damage to businesses. It is vital that employers have access to lawyers who have the knowledge and experience needed to take speedy and decisive action against ex-employees who have acted in breach of their duties. MDS Legal has that knowledge and experience.

We assist businesses with legal aspects of human resource management, attending to matters such as drafting guidelines for disciplinary discussions and pre-termination meetings, letters confirming disciplinary discussions and letters of termination.

MDS Legal also has significant experience dealing with worksafe investigations and enquiries and compliance with worksafe improvement notices.